What My Clients Are Saying...

I've worked with executives, managers, directors, teachers, lawyers, medical, accounting, insurance, sales, business, administrative, creative, entrepreneurial, academic, first responders, and every other professional in between to take them from feeling stuck to satisfied in their career and life.  See for yourself how I’ve helped them turn their lives around:

"After 20 years spent working my way up to the corner office, I reached a point where it felt like I was no longer making a difference. I wanted work that reflected my core values and to use talents in a new way. I tried to make it happen but was stuck. Working with Start with Small helped me understand the immediate next steps I had to take. Our collaborative sessions allowed me to continue on my journey in a measured way that left me feeling reassured and more positive than I had felt in years. I have found what I was seeking and the sense of relief that gives me is almost impossible to put into words. I didn't think it was possible."~Francis G., V.P. Corporate Finance turned Entrepreneur 

"I was tired of feeling trapped in an organization that I'd spent over 14 years married to. Things changed when the company grew and was taken over by a large corporation. I didn't feel like I fit, my motivation was waning and I was worried it was going to start showing in my work. I tried a few internal moves, worked on a couple special projects but I knew I needed to come up with a plan to move on. Since working with Christine I've become part of something bigger than I ever dreamed of. I doubt I would have ever taken the leap on my own. I didn't realize how much I had been holding back and ruling out due to fear or just not thinking certain things were possible. If I can share anything, it's that there is truly a very thin line between what you want for your life and your ability to achieve it with the right support, accountability and a plan with small, achievable goals."~ Edwin J., Lawyer turned Director of a Non-Profit 

"I played really small for 16 years. I settled in my job thinking it was good enough. Meanwhile I wasn't using the education I worked so hard to achieve and had only just finished paying for. Once I stopped being okay with being overlooked, underappreciated, and undervalued--everything changed. I had to decide it was possible to change my job situation and then I did. Having support and guidance gave me the insight and courage I needed to give myself permission to ask for more from both my employer and myself."~ Lynne S., Special Resources Assistant turned Director of Communications   

"I was "downsized" at age 53. I'd been with my employer for 21 years and it was only one of two jobs I'd had in my career. I went through so many emotions and didn't have the first idea of where to start. I initially got advice from friends and family about what I should do. I know they meant well but it wasn't what I needed. I attended some group programs offered by my employer but they just made me feel more confused and unsupported, not to mention a little ashamed and embarrassed. I signed up for some free career assistance at my local employment centre but was unimpressed. You really do get what you pay for. Working with Start with Small felt like what I needed from the start and ended up getting me through what was initially a very tough time. You need more than just a resume when something like this happens. You need an entire shift in mindset, some belief in yourself that you can carry on and someone in your corner that knows what to do but also actually cares." ~ Richard M., Telecommunications Industry Sr. Manager  

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