What My Clients Are Saying...

Here are some comments from just a few of the brilliant professionals I've been privileged to work with. (Many more to be added)

Since beginning my work with Christine, I set up my own business, and started my own practice. My confidence grew in my ability to succeed in this business. Everyone I know, knows exactly what I'm working on, lol. What I liked most about working with Christine was how she involved CBT in her approach. Her judgement on when to focus on my thinking vs. practical advice and her personable and consistent approach. I would definitely recommend Christine to any friends or family I know that are thinking of making a big change in their career, especially trying something they've always wanted to do (that's new to them). 


~Chris, PhD, Private Practitioner  


I followed Christine on social media for quite some time before I reached out so I felt confident that she was the right coach for me. I’d recommend her coaching for anyone who feels stuck in their career and doesn’t quite know where to begin – anyone looking for accountability and motivation to change. Working with Christine led to a huge shift in my thinking about the level of power I have over my personal contentment; I came to see that mindset is everything. This realization pushed me through launching my own business despite a high level of discomfort and uncertainty. What I liked best about working with Christine was that I felt safe – she is genuine, honest and supportive – so I was able to be vulnerable and easily share what I needed in order to move forward. I gained practical insight on the process of launching a business and establishing a presence on social media without getting mired in the details. Her constant reassurance that it’s okay to continue exploring, shifting and changing as I grow was invaluable for my piece of mind. Most importantly, Christine believed in me when I had trouble believing in myself. She helped me truly internalize that no matter what obstacles and challenges arise, I can persevere and continue moving forward.

~Kim Dietrich, kimdietrich.ca


I highly recommend Start with Small Career Counselling + Coaching for anyone who is ready to go after what they really want in their career and in their life.  Christine created a tailor-made program that had me reaching deep inside to discover who I am and what I want.  Next, she guided me through the concrete action steps required to achieve my dreams.  Christine’s gentle and approachable style created a safe atmosphere that allowed me to explore and grow, and her firm guidance supported me whenever I was scared.  Most importantly, Christine was flexible and caring as I worked through several personal challenges that arose during our journey together.  The work I did with Christine continues to resonate months after our sessions have ended, and I am confident that the lessons I learned will continue to help me through whatever career and life challenges may lie ahead.


~Karoline Fox, MBA

I was referred by a former colleague who recommended Christine. He said, trust her.  Follow the framework. I was really afraid to do that. I like to be in control and some parts of this approach felt counter intuitive to me. Let me just say, I got schooled, but in the best way.  Christine's quiet confidence and unique approach made me feel safe to let my guard down. Then change happened. It's still happening, but in the best way.  I just started something new, on my own terms (in the midst of a global pandemic). Who knew? I'll tell you who, Christine did. Thank you wonderful lady. 


~Lisa T, MBA, Vice President, Marketing

When I started working with Christine, my career identity was that of an OT (which I was starting to feel like I'd outgrown). One month after our 16 weeks working together wrapped up, I accepted my dream position--a role I hadn't previously believed I'd be qualified for. I didn't apply to a single job posting and used only the 4 Step Method that Christine teaches (along with the mindset tools of course!) It was also so helpful to bring these tools out during my first month in my new role when I felt the self-doubt, fear, and stress creeping back in. I remembered that I don't need to feel 100% confident in order to take a step. The confidence comes as a result of taking it. I like who I'm becoming and for the first time believe I have a choice about who that is.


~Monica F, Oncology Executive Sales Specialist

I gained a sense of clarity right away. Committing myself to doing this really lit a fire under me. I immediately felt like I could make the change I've been putting off for years.  Literally. YEARS! What a relief to know I don't have to stay stuck.


~Alana B.

I wasn't getting anywhere on my own.  I received superb coaching and career counselling with a sprinkling of magic thrown in for good measure.


~Michael C., Director of Client Relations.

I want to thank you for your help. Breaking through my fear, letting go of the past and rebuilding my confidence seemed like an impossible task. But I did it! I accepted an amazing offer (turned another one down that I probably would have "settled" for previously) and negotiated a higher salary. THANK YOU!

~ Kristine, MBA, Vice President of Human Resources

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