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Your Limiting Beliefs About Your Career Aren't a Disease

I've never seen a hospital this nice, but you get the point.

The other day I heard some career coaches talking about limiting beliefs in a way that made it sound like they were a disease.

I starting thinking about my clients and the simple 4 step method I teach them to change their career, start a business, or get a job.

I remember thinking after I'd spent over 10 years as a career counsellor and coach that I must have known just about everything there was to be able to help the people I served.

I was wrong.

My Identity Crisis

It wasn’t until I lived through my own painful identity crisis circa 2011 or so, that I truly understood what it took to make the kind of identity shift required of a major career or life change. This is when I truly felt the impact of my own beliefs.

I wish I could go back and give myself some advice. The same way I often wish I could go back to my 8 or my 12 or even my high school self and give her some advice. You know, tell my self-conscious, painfully shy self that none of us felt like we had it figured out. That we actually weren’t supposed to. That I wasn’t alone. That I wasn’t the only one of us feeling like I wasn’t measuring up. That those feelings came from my thoughts and they were normal. That we all had them because we were all human. That those thoughts weren’t a sign that something had gone wrong, but were simply there because I was alive. Maybe even told me that believing these thoughts was actually optional—that all of my thoughts weren’t actually true. Golly, if someone could have made me believe I was normal, that would’ve been everything.

I want to tell you this. I know you’re not in high school. That part doesn’t matter. I know you think some of the feelings you have aren’t normal. That you have parts of you or systems of beliefs that seem like they are just too big to overcome. I want to tell you that it’s all normal. Nothing is wrong.

I also want to offer that if it seems like there's a mountain of beliefs in between you and your dream, you can also start to believe that there's something wrong with you--that your thoughts and feelings mean you're uniquely screwed up somehow. I want to make it clear that that’s just not true. You’re more than capable. So very capable. I would like you to consider instead that we all think thoughts that don’t serve us sometimes. I encourage you to think this because it opens up the possibility that this mountain you want to climb isn’t actually impossible. That it’s not this big huge problem or disease. It’s just a few thoughts that aren’t serving you. Sentences in your mind. That we can change!

I promise you, working on one simple thought at a time will completely change your self-identity. Over time, working on your thoughts will completely change your life.

I teach my clients how to do this and it’s ultimately how I did it. How I made a big career change of my own.

Life is a series of limiting beliefs. It’s part of being human. But instead of saying you have limiting beliefs, just say “I’m a human”.

I’ve had my own successful private practice now for over 8 years. Yes, before my career transition I had all the beliefs about my age and ability and money and time etc. etc. that kept me spinning in confusion, feeling worthless, and believing things were hopeless. They could have kept me stuck. They did for a while.

But it turned out I wasn’t broken. I was only human.

I used to get quite furious about the fact that nobody ever told me this. Not when I was 8 or 12 or in high school. This is why it’s so important for me to tell you.

How it Works

Now the method I use to help my clients is nailed down. It’s clean, it’s simple, and it’s highly effective. BUT you still need to commit to doing what it takes to get the results you want. The same way I had to. You need to work on the thoughts that aren’t serving you. Nobody could do that part for me and nobody can do that for you but the good news is I can teach anybody how.

The even better news is that the method and what I teach is really quite beautiful in its simplicity. It will be human nature to try to complicate it, and most find it hard to believe the results they achieve so simply. It doesn’t require you to spend hour after hour lamenting your limiting beliefs or spinning out in confusion while researching or applying to jobs or searching endlessly on That’s a beautiful thing in my opinion.

So, when you work with me, there’s your goal and then there's the method (the simple process you follow) that you stick to no matter what.

On the goal front, we work together to uncover what I lovingly refer to as “The Essence of What Makes Work Worthwhile”. Some of the ways we do this involve answering these questions:

What drives you?

What is most important in your work and in your life?

What are your career and life ideals?

What is the unique problem you want to solve in the world?

Then it’s time to work the 4 step method which I teach:

  1. Engage + Re-engage

  2. Compel + Inspire

  3. Invite Info + Intros

  4. Enrich + Contribute

This method will provide you with all the information + resources you’ll need to make high quality career decisions. I teach a solid process around decision-making also. It’s amazing.

Next I introduce the magic which is the framework that you’ll apply to your career but also any other areas of your life where you want to see change. You’ll learn not only how to make high quality decisions but also how to get high quality results. This is the piece you’ve been missing and is the secret to always being able to figure out what decisions to make and what actions to take. It eliminates confusion, self-doubt, and worry. I’ll coach you hard on this and then you’ll learn to coach yourself.

Your action plan will always be clean, simple and straight forward. This eliminates the drama your brain will want to engage you in.

You’ll answer this:

Who do I have to be? How do I have to show up to work this method and achieve the results I want?

Normally your brain would tell you to blame the method when something doesn’t work on the first try and the doubt starts to creep in (it will!). That’s when, left to your own devices, you’d probably change your goal or give up on your dream but we don't do that here. Your brain likes to have you believe that what you’re doing isn’t working and is looking for any reason to stop. It’s part of being a human and it’s why we all need a coach. :)

This is what I help you with.

It’s simple and it feels like magic. If you’re already working with me, you’re already on your way. I’m so excited to see the changes that are coming.

If you’re not working with me yet, I can teach you too. It starts with a phone call where we'll talk about what's possible for you. Schedule yours here :)

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