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What's Important to You?

You might be someone who tends to put the needs of your spouse, kids, parents, boss, co-workers, friends, dog, etc. above your own. Are you? Maybe you do it without even realizing it or perhaps, you are starting to notice a little bit of resentment or overwhelm setting in because after "doing" for everyone else, it's really tough to "do" anything for yourself.

You might feel as though everyday is a race against the clock and when you open your eyes in the morning you feel like you are already behind the eight ball. Constantly rushing to get things done, get people to where they need to be and scrambling.

You might begin to notice that living this way is taking a toll on you. Some signs of this could be:

-trouble sleeping

-feeling tired all of the time

-working late into the night after a full day of work

-weight changes

-feeling irritable

-grinding your teeth while sleeping

-muscle tension


-feeling panicky

-turning down opportunities to socialize with family or friends

-feeling like you are living in "a fog"

-increased isolation from friends and feeling like there is no time for fun, relaxation or exercise

-"numbing" by watching television, binge eating or drinking, scrolling on a device (phone, tablet etc.) excessively

-dreading going to work on Monday beginning sometime around Sunday afternoon

-constantly dreaming of a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life but feeling hopeless to ever live it

-drinking little water throughout the day, drinking excessive high caffeine or high sugar drinks

-preparing healthy meals and snacks for your family, but not eating them yourself

-not taking breaks or a lunch at work

-rarely going outside except to go from home to work to car or train/bus

-feeling overwhelmed by meal planning, laundry, paying the bills, staying on top of kids' activities

-feeling overwhelmed by clutter

-feeling that you are not spending enough quality time with loved-ones and that life is "passing you by".

You might be surprised to find out that many other's are feeling like this. The good news is, there are things you can start doing to begin taking charge of your life and start enjoying it more instead of battling a constant state of dread. It might seem like too big of a job to begin to tackle, but you know you need to make some changes.

The first step is acknowledging that you need to make changes in your life a priority. It's time to stop putting it off because we all have a limited amount of time on earth.

The second step is understanding that you can change. Whether you struggle with perfectionism or overachievement, take on too much, put too much pressure on yourself, avoid asking for help, care too much what other's think, have trouble letting go of control, or your struggle is something else altogether, you can change.

It doesn't always happen over night but you can gain a new perspective and acquire tools to cope with the stress and chaos of life in new and healthier ways. Focusing on what matters most, asking for help, letting go of control, creating boundaries, a support system and healthy habits are places to start. You don't need an entire life overhaul but you do need to start taking care of yourself.

I'd love to help you figure out what is truly important in your life and how to start enjoying it. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Don't continue to miss out. There's no time to waste. I can help!

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