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The "Add More" Approach to Change

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One approach to change I love is the “add more” approach.

How can you come at one of your “problems” this way?

What could you add? For example: If you’re not happy with your diet, why not start with what you want to add rather than what you want to take away?

If you’re not happy with your work, what would you like to add rather than remove? What is your balance over the course of a day, a week, a month of pleasures, nourishment, care and love?

Try adding MORE.

What can you do to let your pile of good things grow?

The quote this is from says “instead of thinking about solving your whole life, what if you just think about adding additional good things, one at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow.”

Sometimes we can have the mindset that if all the areas of our life that we aren’t especially happy about were no longer an issue we would feel more joyful and content. So we get busy fixating upon the negative piles in our life, and get less focused on what's going well and building on them.

It’s easy to look at the lump sum of your life and think the whole thing has gone down the tubes — especially if you’ve experienced repeated setbacks or insurmountable hurdles of a complex and frustrating variety.

Even if you feel like you had a bad or unproductive or boring day, I bet if you look hard enough, you can find something to add to your pile of good things. A moment that made you think. A hot cup of coffee. A really delicious cheese sandwich. A shared laugh. A new bloom on a tree.

If you can't notice things around you or muster up some gratitude right now, that's okay too. Work on your awareness. See what little joys you can start building into your day on purpose.

Keep working on it until one day, you begin to allow your self to see it.

I'm still offering free consultations if you're here because you're considering career coaching, add to your good pile and sign up.

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