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Start With Small and Reduce Anxiety

Want to reduce your anxiety? Acknowledge it. When you feel it, stop in the moment and say "hello". Recognizing the feeling is one small step to conquering it. Next, are you able to identify the thoughts related to this feeling? What are you saying to yourself? If someone you loved was thinking the thoughts you are currently thinking, what would you say to them?

Example: You feel your heart beating faster, your palms sweat and your face feeling flushed. You are looking at your "to do" list and it is loooooong.

1. Recognize that you are feeling anxious..."Hey...I feel you!".

2. You might be saying something like this to yourself in your head. "I need to move fast and get all of this stuff done or something horrible will happen."

3. If you heard someone you care about saying this to himself or herself, what would your response be to them? Perhaps something like this? "Actually, what would happen if you didn't get all of this stuff done?". "Is it truly life or death or does it just feel that way?"

You've heard about our fight or flight response, right? Feeling like something is life or death when it's actually not triggers the same response in our body as if it was. When we react to our environment with fear, for example, our nervous system will go into overdrive trying to protect us. It can begin to respond similarly to our fear of our boss and to the fear we would experience from a bear.

Training our bodies and our minds to realize that sometimes our thoughts, feelings and emotions are just that...thoughts, feelings and emotions and not the result of some "true" impending danger or life and death situation is something to strive for. Our bodies don't always know the difference.

Start paying attention to what your thoughts are. That's a good first small step!

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