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Job Loss During the Holidays

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In early November, my client lost her job.

We can imagine how that would feel.

At Christmas.

The money you were expecting, just gone.

After my first few coaching sessions with my client, I taught her a trick. The trick is called “The Power of Now”. I also taught her the process I teach to become aware of how she was thinking and how some of the ways weren’t actually helpful. She made some changes and then was tasked with adding a word to the end of some of her current thoughts.

She added the word NOW.

This client had worked in the same job for about 5 years but she hadn’t been happy in her role for 4 of them. She was much more drawn to what she called “her little ‘pipedream’ side business. She loved this little business. She described it as a labour of love and as her “life’s work”.

The problem was, it wasn’t actually working. Well, she was but it wasn’t. She hadn’t come close to making any actual money from it. Sure, she’d had a few sales but hadn’t yet made any profit.

This business she loved was what I would call a cross between a job and a hobby—a “jobby”, if you will. But she didn’t need a jobby now. That worked when she still had her J.O.B. but it didn’t work now. Now she needed a way to start earning a living but she felt pressured, and stressed out, and overwhelmed, and paralyzed. She told me she didn’t know where to start. What kept popping into her head was that she needed to start making money ASAP. She would be okay for a month or two but after that she’d be in a very tight spot financially.

So, the question I had her answer was this…

What can I do to make money NOW? Today. Right this moment?

Her focus needed to be only on the next right thing.

What IS the next right thing? NOW? In this moment?

What can you do immediately to turn your “jobby” into something that makes money?

My amazing client didn't hesitate. I coached her hard and she coached herself hard. She followed the simple 4 step method I teach and I’m happy to report she has now made more in her business (yes, that is what this is NOW—no more “jobby”) in the last month than since she started it (circa 2016).

She made more in 4 weeks than ever in her business.

Now she works for herself and makes her living this way. During a Global Pandemic. AND this is the beginning.

You could be turning your “jobby” into a business too.

You just have to get busy taking steps forward today, not waiting until everything "feels" right. You have to create that "right" feeling and be open to it.

Not later this afternoon. Not on Monday. Not when it’s more convenient or you feel braver. Not after Christmas.

Right away.

My client took what could have been a horrible holiday nightmare, and turned it into something amazing. During a year that's felt pretty tough.

You can do it too.

Happy Holidays! I’m taking a little time off to celebrate the season but I’ll also be working hard behind the scenes to coach myself and make plans to keep growing my own business. I’ll take a little time to thank my past self for doing some of the hard things I didn’t think I could do, and for committing to taming my own brain when it needed to settle down as well. I’ve had an incredible year of growth and am grateful to the clients who have trusted me with their career hopes and dreams. I’m thankful to you for reading this.

Let’s make 2021 awesome, okay?

Seasons Greetings!

P.S. If you want support with your career or business idea, join me for a chat!

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