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Your purpose was to be born. You weren't born so you could find your purpose.

We get that backwards. ALL. THE. TIME.

This is good news. Take the pressure off and spend some time simply basking in the fact that you're here. You don't need to search for a miracle because, quite frankly, you're it.

Think for a minute about the miracle of just being created. Everything it took for you to form just the way you did.

That was the heavy lifting. The rest? Find ways to enjoy! Learn if you want. Grow if you want. Or don't. There's nothing to prove. You've already done it.

You can't "fulfill your potential". Your potential is limitless. You can decide to get better at anything.

But how about do it because it's fun to grow or because it makes life interesting.Not because you have anything to prove.

The heavy lifting is already done. You're here! Have some fun.

You don't have to try to "live up to your potential". To be told otherwise is the biggest line of B.S. I've ever heard. Do things because you choose to experience them, because you've decided to. Or decide not to. You've got nothing to prove to yourself or to the world.

The minute we truly believe this, that we accomplished everything we needed to the minute we were born, we are free to explore what feels meaningful to us or for any reason.

Don't work to fulfill your potential. Work to truly believe you already have.

Want a hack? Decide to believe the second you were born you were as accomplished as you'll ever need to be. Sure, go for the gravy. But dammit, have fun on the ride. There's no medal to be won, there's no finish line. You crossed the finish line with your first breath.

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