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New Year, New Career?

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Happy New Year! Here's your friendly reminder to put your career on the list of things to evaluate during this time of reflection and commitment to change. Here are 3 quick career questions to ask yourself as a starting point: 1. Are you clear about what it is you're good at? 2. How honest are you with yourself about the state of your finances? 3. Do you have a Career Plan B?

At the foundation of every career change, job search, or quest for promotion is self awareness. You have to know what your strengths are. You need to be able to talk about them and truly believe these make you uniquely qualified in some way. The ability to inspire confidence in yourself, as well as others, is key when it comes to any type of career transition.

If you are considering making any sort of career move this year, your finances are going to be central to this process. I don't believe that money is the biggest driver for most people when it comes to career. I work with lots of people who make a lot of money and are very unhappy. BUT, it's important that you feel adequately compensated for what you do and use your work as a means to be able to enjoy your life. Most of us don't have an accurate picture of what we need to earn to be able to do this. More important than earning some random amount of money that we think sounds nice or impressive or whatever, get clear about exactly what you need to earn to cover your fixed costs. Once you have these covered, think about what's truly important to you. If you feel like you are stuck in work jail right now, and unable to make a career change because of your finances, make sure you aren't working to pay for a bunch of things you don't really need or want. Are there things you'd gladly give up if it meant you could do something else for 40+ hours each week that felt more meaningful? This is what truly drives most of us...not passion but true purpose. Doing work that feels like it's making a difference somehow in a way that feels important to us. Take stock of this stuff. It's not rocket science, it's committing to some honest reflection and evaluation of your current reality instead of believing the same old stories you keep telling yourself.

We all need a Career Plan B. You need to have an idea of what you'd do if you're current job went away. Maybe you want it to go away or maybe you don't. Either way, consider what else you could do that would use your skills, that would cover your fixed expenses, and that somebody would pay you for. If you can't answer these 3 questions I've posed, here's your New Year's Resolution!! Commit to making your career a priority whether you're currently doing something you love or not.

Is 2020 your year to start working with me? If you think so, let's set up a time to chat and see if we're a fit!

Wishing you much career fulfillment in 2020 and beyond!

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