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LinkedIn, Instagram, and Online Job Boards Oh My

I'm feeling a bit "shouty". :)

I'm not really a yeller but please pretend I'm yelling this: Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and, are not representative of the entire world and all of its humanity!!! (I'm happy to say this louder for the people in the back too!)

Social media and online job boards represent a small percentage of the world. They are a virtual representation of a tiny part of the world.

When we interact virtually, and forget it isn’t reality, we can lose perspective believing one day's job listings is a reflection of the entire world. We lose our perspective and start to feel disconnected. We only have to watch an hour or two of the news to see just how one-sided things can be portrayed (Fox versus CNN anyone?). The subtle nuance of relationships are important--things like empathy, compassion and respect. These things are more difficult to convey in a text, email, or social media post.

Most of us can attest to the fact that humanity often isn't hidden behind a keyboard. The way to find humanity, is to get in front of humans. Of course, this has proved more difficult over the past 8 months but it's still not impossible. I would offer that this is the best time to grow and nurture our connections. To re-engage. Reconnect. There is no downside. Set up virtual coffee dates, call your friends. Converse with your neighbours from a distance. Spend time with your family-virtually or in an otherwise "safe" manner. Connect with the cashier at the grocery store (even in a mask, even behind plexi-glass). Feel other humans’ energy. Sink deeper into what it's like to be human. Practice showing compassion. Lead with love instead of fear. Find understanding over outrage. For others, and of course for yourself. Social media is 50/50. It can be an amazing way to connect, free of charge, immediately. It can also divide us when we forget that there is a human behind that account or at the other end of the customer service email. We can feel immensely disconnected after an hour on the job boards looking for inspiration and come away feeling anything but inspired. My hope is that we'll make a conscious effort to use social media to CONNECT with others. Not create a larger divide. For goodness sake, shut it down when you start forgetting your humanity. Get off the job boards and connect with an actual human when you start feeling like there's nothing out there for you. Remember, this is only a tiny representation. So many of you I speak to on consultation calls tell me you want to change your job, change your career, start, or grow a business. Stop looking for inspiration outside of you and start creating it. Use the time that you no longer spend fearing, judging, and outraging to create value in the world. Repeat for just 30 days. Then the next. See where you end up in two months. I choose where I hang out virtually very carefully. I spend my time with people who want to SERVE, LOVE, and LISTEN. Who are actively striving to create more value in the world. When I spend my time online in this way, I perceive the whole world this way. Want to join me and talk about what's next for you in your career? Click here and sign up for a chat. You'll leave the call feeling inspired about what's possible for you. Christine :)

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