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It's Less About What You Know + More About How You Feel...

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The “smartest” among us are rarely the leaders. You can think of examples immediately. Ga head, I dare you to come up with a name or two. So, if a smart person like you could add in whatever magic it is other leaders use to show up, speak up, and level up...would you? The world needs you. Your ideas, your integrity, your empathy, your point of view and perspective. 💫 Did you know that according to Melinda Gates, in the world of artificial intelligence, an industry that plays an increasingly influential role in our buying, hiring and other key decisions, the number of women is "so small it's unbelievable."? 💫 “We are baking bias into the system by not having women have a seat at the table and not having people of color at the table," Gates said. 💫 There are so many examples of this in other industries and many, many reasons why these areas lack the diversity they need and deserve. 💫

Don’t hold back because you view yourself as less capable. Of course there will be things to overcome. Who cares? It’ll be worth it. 💫

Remember why you’re working. 💫 Whether it’s strictly to pay the bills, to provide a sense of security and achievement, to finance your family or personal pursuits, or to satisfy a desire to make an impact on your community or some combination of these, stop once in a while to assess. Think of this: 💫 Are you getting what you came for? 💫 Because when you’re not, there’ll be that little whisper. A harsher tone than you intended to take with someone, hearing a line in a song, resonating with the plot of a tv show, or clues hidden in your thoughts and daydreams. 💫 There’s always a whisper. You don’t have to listen to it. That can work... for a while. 💫

The same way what you know is less impactful on your life than how you feel about what you know, your career happiness depends more on how you feel about it than the actual external factors like money, and job title. If you’re unhappy at work and think a different job with more money will fix it, you’re probably mistaken. 💫 Seeing a few extra bucks on your pay check might be nice but it wears off fast. What you’ll be left with is the real reason you probably felt unhappy in the first place. 💫 Making more money won’t make you feel better about yourself all of a sudden. It won’t magically make all your other problems, insecurities, and fear go away. You’ll still keep making decisions the way you always have and think about things the same way. 💫 More dough won’t make you feel more confident, silence your inner perfectionist, stop the people pleasing, the not standing up for yourself, the not speaking up when you want to or whatever it is that’s really holding you back from feeling great. You’ll continue to do these things because more money alone won’t make you feel worthy. It’ll just get you nicer shoes. 💫 If that’s why you think you need a bigger paycheck, it’s not the best reason.

This is actually good news. 💫 It’s good news because you don’t need to find a job that pays more just to feel better about yourself, or to prove yourself or to stop worrying or to become a leader.

You can change the way you think about work, money, and even happiness so you won’t tie your value as a human to any of these things.

The even better news is that when you do this, you’ll feel richer, happier, and more confident which is a much better recipe for turning any dream you have into reality. In fact, it’s the first step. It’s the best way to get what you want from your work and your life. 💫 But the thing is... All the really good stuff is on the other side of that messy, uncomfortable, painful, mascara running, favourite team losing disappointment, grief, fear, and shame that you think money will replace, make up for, or take away.

So, you need to become aware of what you think more money or another certification or fancier job title will make up for in your life and work on getting more of that first. 💫 This is where to start. 💫

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