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Is Entrepreneurship for You?

Thinking you might want to work for yourself? This article is for you if you have a suspicion that you’re meant to be an entrepreneur but don’t have the first idea about what to do about it. Wondering where to start? Should you start working on your BIG idea? A business plan? Well, maybe yes and probably no. Someti

mes that’s where people start and that can be okay, but I have some other suggestions.

People usually come to see me because they have a desire to do something different, but they aren’t sure what that is. They don’t want to rule out anything and might want to explore both “traditional” and self-employment options.

I think that step #1 on the journey is to learn a few things about entrepreneurship through actual entrepreneurs. Reading books or googling articles on entrepreneurs can provide you with some case studies and other good information but I have an even better option.

A different option for taking a peak into this world is to find a job working for an entrepreneur to get a taste of the lifestyle -- while also earning an income. This is great because you can learn from someone else’s mistakes, and come to better understand business systems and processes that have worked well.

Another place to start is to do a review of the things that come easily to you and that you are good at. Take some time to think about how you could add value to others by using these skills and strengths. Also think about what you enjoy doing (there could be overlap here with what you are good at also—but maybe not). Consider also if what you are currently doing at your day job could transfer into some type of private practice (this is what I did). Consider a variety of industries and types of businesses that sound appealing to you—do you like the idea of brick and mortar? Online? Both? Consulting? Franchise-related? Sales?

I think my best advice is this: Dive in!! Start something -- anything -- where you can learn about entrepreneurship. You’ll learn a ton by just starting up some type of venture. Depending on your situation, you could consider starting up a low capital venture with low risk. If you don’t have a high risk appetite, start a business while you are working full-time at another job. The best way to know whether you are an entrepreneur is to try it.

Lastly, think about exploring entrepreneurial events in your area. Talk to people who are doing it. Surround yourself with like-minded people and learn from them.

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