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Hope. The first way to start small.

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Do you ever fall into the trap of "people pleasing?" Is your sense of self-worth tied into what others think of you? Do you frequently say yes to things you don't want and no to things you do? "People Pleasers" can get to the point where they want to please others so much that it becomes hard to make even the simplest of decisions. They become afraid to let others down if they make the wrong choice.

What an exhausting way to live.

I know we hear all kinds of platitudes about not caring so much about what others think. The truth is, most of the time, we do care and that's okay--to a point. But what happens when we care so much we become almost paralyzed by our need to be accepted by others?

This need is definitely not sustainable and can lead to a host of difficulties such as burn-out, depression, and anxiety to name a few.

Start paying attention to signs of people pleasing in your life. Become aware of how and why you make the decisions you do. Are your decisions always based on what you think others want or need? How often are you considering what YOU want and need?

Becoming aware is a good first step. As you can imagine, your habit of putting others first at your own expense might not go away over night but it's important to start somewhere. If you are at the point of burn-out, it's important for you to be reminded that you can start taking some small steps towards a life that isn't a constant struggle. Recognizing this can be a beautiful thing. I hope it gives you hope.

A little bit of hope can go a long way. Start with small. Start with hope. If you are struggling with burn-out, chronic or overwhelming stress because of your job, it's time to consider some changes. I can help.

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