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Finding Your Work Fit - The Work Fit Checklist

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When you're feeling stuck in your work (or in your life), the way forward is inward. Career Assessment is an important piece of the career change puzzle but looking for things outside of yourself will only keep you stuck. You need to get quiet and pay attention to what you already know-- who you are, what you want, and why you want it. You don't need to know job titles or occupations. Forget about those. At the core WHO are you? WHAT do you want? WHY do you want this? You might be telling yourself you don't know. Believe me, you know more than you think. You're just conditioned to believe that unless you're able to have a simple label to describe yourself (ie: plumber, accountant, teacher, cashier, director, manager, doctor, lawyer) you don't know who you are. It's not true. You think that unless you can direct your energies towards one job title or occupation you don't know what you want. It's not true. I’ve come up with a career change tool that will help you pull out the answers you already have. Its called the Work Fit Checklist and you can get it for free. It will help you to get to the essence of who you are, what you want, and why you want it. Start here. Then keep building. Forget trying to make yourself squeeze into a job description. Write your own. Then make it happen. This is what I teach people as their career coach. Fear will tell you this isn't practical or realistic but I promise you it's the way to everything. Any trade-offs you now fear having to make to get on a much better path, will become insignificant. Stop letting fear drive your life, then commit to getting what you want. It takes belief you can have it. Then action. The belief has to come first but you won't get that until you remind yourself over and over of what it is you have to offer, that the world needs it, and you're the only person who can provide it in your unique way. Trust that by finally surrendering to your unique WHO, WHAT and WHY, you'll get everything you need and want. The world will also be better for it. Completing the Work Fit Checklist will help you come up with your 5 keys. These are guideposts to figuring out your Work Fit so you can stop dreaming about career change and actually do it. Taking time to reflect and percolate on your extremely important 5 keys is good. There’s no need to rush. This being said, it can be helpful to start looking beyond self-reflection and allow yourself to dream a little about what the future could hold for you. Don’t worry about being realistic at this point. Let your mind wander towards possibility. This is an important part of developing belief. Even if you aren’t yet exactly sure how to make changes in your work, having a belief that it’s possible for you to figure this out is a complete game changer. Dream a little each day and remind yourself that you can change, that it is possible. I’d love to hear from you anytime. Don’t be a stranger! Say hi or ask me a question on Instagram, or schedule a free call with me!

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