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Challenge EVERY I can’t.

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If you’re not feeling inspired, excited, fulfilled or even content with what you’re doing, AND you WANT to make a change, but feel like it’s impossible, try telling yourself why you can’t.

Start saying what it is you’re thinking aloud. Let yourself hear what it is you’ve been letting your brain tell you over and over.

Bring these whispers that have been hiding in the dark corners into the light. Own them. Wear them like a cape. Shout them into the world like this:


“I’m too old!” “I’m too scared!l” “I’m too unsure!” “I’m too set in my ways!” “I’m too broke!” “I’m too shy!” “I’m too busy!” “I don’t know how!” “I’m not good enough!” “It’s too late for me!” “There’s something wrong with me!” “My spouse isn’t supportive!” Insert reason here ________ 💫 Shout out every reason you can think of for why you can’t. Then shout some more. Sound ridiculous? Well, maybe. Its not so different though from what you’re already doing. Only on the inside. Why is it okay to run this garbage on repeat inside your head but weird to actually say it? 💫 So tell yourself all the reasons you think you can’t change. Now ask yourself...

“So what?”

Get curious and really answer this. Answer it in as many ways as you can think of.

Example: “I can’t change because”... “I’m too old”

“So what?”

Holler out your answers. Own them. Take responsibility for them. Don’t let them be sneaky and insidious. Realize that you are agreeing to be a person who has decided not to change because you’re too old (or whatever the reason is).

So what?

“I should have done this sooner!” “What will people think?” “What if I fail?” “Change is for young people” Ask again: So what?

“Well, I missed my chance.” “I should be planning for retirement, not changing my job at this age!” “I have a lot at stake!” “At my age, people should be responsible and take care of their family, not worry about themselves and how they feel” 💫 You get to decide. If you want to believe this stuff, you totally can. This is on you. Nobody else. Wear your reasons like a hat for a while. Like a cape. Iron this cape every day. Display it proudly. 💫


“I’m too old” “I’m too old” “I’m too old” “I should have done this sooner!” “Change is for young people!” “I’m too confused and unsure!” “I don’t deserve happiness!”

Maybe put it to music. This could fit nicely into a country song. A really terrible depressing song that makes you feel like the equivalent of gum on the bottom of a shoe.

Awareness is important.

Become aware of the thoughts that are making you feel the way you’re feeling. Are these thoughts true? Do you want to keep believing them? Are you okay with these thoughts running the show?

If you’re not okay with how you’re talking to yourself and you can agree there’s at least some possibility that you’re thinking at least some questionable nonsense, decide to start challenging. 💫 What if you weren’t too old? What if you weren’t unsure? What if you did deserve happiness? What if you shouldn’t have done this sooner? What if change isn’t only for young people? Why does it matter what other people think? What is so important to you about never failing? 💫 Could you suspend your disbelief for long enough to just try to think something else that might be more helpful? That made you feel a little better or hopeful? Open yourself up to possibility and curiosity? Perhaps you can commit to trying. Explore new thoughts and even decide to think a new thought or to practice thinking something else on purpose?

What if you discovered a thought you actually do and want to believe that made you feel even slightly better than gum on the bottom of a shoe or like the character of a sad country song?

Would it be worth it to get even a little bit of relief?

Could you decide to send your cape to the cleaners? What would happen then? Commit to trying. Will you?

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