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Career Dream Killer Series Part I: It's Too Late…

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It’s not too late to change, it’s not too late to go for it, it’s not too late to step up or step down. You get to decide.

There’s a way to walk beside your inner critic and even well-meaning friends and family members — who will question your judgment when you finally admit that something’s got to give and it’s time to really go for it.

Here’s what you’re telling yourself or others might be telling you, along with some reframes:

'That’s not realistic/You should have your career figured out by now.'

You can change your mind. This is part of the wonderful mess of being human. Most of the “rules” we follow when it comes to career are just things somebody made up. We don’t need to believe them.

Start pushing back and questioning what is or isn’t “realistic”. Ask yourself, “Says who?”, “So what?” and then answer.

Also, remember: realists don’t change the world. Unrealistic people do.

‘You’re Too Old/It’s Too Late’/You’re not cut out for…'

So what? Says who?

‘No One Is Going to Hire/Promote You’

Says who? If you think this, you’ll be right. It’s not helpful and it’s also not true. There will always be someone who won’t hire or promote you and most often, that person is you.

‘If You Get Hired, You’ll Have to Start at the Bottom’ or ‘You’ll Have to Go Back To School, Which Is Expensive and Will Take Too Much Time’

You can make huge changes in your work without starting from scratch. Create your own story and own it. Stop ruling things out or telling yourself all the reasons why not. Forget about that and focus on adding more good things to your already established pile of good things.

Do you know all of this stuff already but are finding it hard to put what you already know "intellectually" into practice? Schedule a chat with me and I'll tell you more.

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