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Career Dream Killer Series Part 5: I Don't Have Time

Next time, instead of saying “I don’t have time,” tell yourself it isn’t a priority and see how that feels.

Game changer.

People tell me all the time that they can't do things that would help their career situation because of time. They're too old, too much time has passed, or they just don't have enough of it.

You have time for the things that matter to you. Replace “I don’t have time” with, “it’s not important enough.” What happens during an emergency? You have time for that. What happens when you get sick and miss an entire day of work? The world keeps turning. What if you’re about to hop on a very important conference call and someone tells you that you just won the 70 million lotto max? Suddenly, the call doesn’t seem so important.

Time is mostly just made up nonsense.

Not enough time to sleep, or exercise, or cook, or call your mom?

It’s garbage. Even though it feels like the truth.

You have more than enough time to do anything you could ever want. People who feel overall contentment in their life get this. Certainly, we can’t do everything all at once and not everything can have the same high-level importance, but there’s room for everything that matters. You just have to make it so and you already know how.

Prioritize. Figure out what you value. Get clear on what’s most important, then commit. Scrolling Facebook probably isn’t truly a priority so put it lower on the list. You can still watch cat videos, just don’t make that a priority with your actions unless it’s what you really want.

There are things, like sleep that create a ripple effect of goodness for many of us. If I get a good night sleep, I’m more productive, have a better mood etc. So, I make this a priority. It’s that simple.

But My kids, My Job, The laundry…

I understand that we have responsibilities. You need to set up your life so you have control over your time. It’s a much more empowering way to live.

Being Empowered Vs. Giving Your Power Away

“I don’t have time” is a passive, submissive phrase that tells the world you’ve given up on something. It’s an excuse. When you hide behind excuses, it’s a sign that you’re avoiding something you think will be uncomfortable.

Right now, I need to incorporate more daily movement throughout my work day. I could tell you that “I don’t have time” because my private practice is busy, but that would only mean I’m scared I won’t stick to it or that I’ll fail. I have plenty of “time-fillers” to make the excuse seem valid to me and others—I’m expanding my business, I’m doing a lot of writing, I’m getting many inquiries from potential clients.

But you know what? I do have time during my work day to stretch, walk my dog, or take a short run because it’s important to me, and important to both my physical and mental health. It’s harder for me to say that because it puts me in a vulnerable position—what if I fail? What if I don’t follow through?

When you admit you have time for something important—and again, we always do—it puts you on the hook to do something about it. That’s scary. It’s also worth it. The practicing of pushing through fear and discomfort is the way to neutralize the power it has over us. Admit that you have plenty of time. Anything important you’re not spending time on just isn’t a priority to you right now for one reason or another.

Work through your life priorities and time will take care of itself.

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