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A Small Thing Can Turn Your Life Around.

Are you a super sensitive person?

Have you learned to embrace this or do you see it as something to "get over"?

Do others embrace this about you or do they tell you to "get over it"?

Here's a Start With Small exercise to try...

Think of how being a sensitive person makes you better. How does caring about other people a lot make the world better?

Does it make you:

More empathetic?

More patient?

More insightful?

More loving?

More generous?

Finished? Now spend today reminding yourself of this unique and special gift you've been given.

Please don't apologize for it. Don't try to change and definitely don't try to be more like anyone else!

We are all already perfect and exactly who we should be but sometimes stress, self-doubt and bad habits can make us numb to our own potential. Let's do something every day to improve our stress levels, stop doubting ourselves and incorporate better habits.

I hope to be a source of support for you but when it comes down to it, you need to make changes for yourself. We only need to be accountable to ourselves. We can't live our lives for anyone else...not our spouse, our kids, our parents, our neighbours, or our boss.

BUT when we do a little bit better for ourselves, it trickles out to everyone else we love and care about. It makes them a little bit better too.

Be a little bit better. Start with small.

Ready to make a move and want some support to make it easier and more successful? I can help!

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