Take a Behavioural Vitamin


One time I had a blood test and my doctor told me I needed to start taking Vitamin D. ⁠

So I did.⁠

I also made a point to spend a little extra time outdoors every day to soak up a little bit more. I called it my behavioural vitamin.⁠

Since then, I try to pay attention to the small behaviours that I believe might be as good for me as my vitamins.⁠

When my thoughts are leaving me feeling a little low, I can follow my plan and not my mood, starting with taking my behavioural vitamin. ⁠

Making a phone call I don't "feel" like making by counting backwards 5-4-3-2-1 and then just doing it. That small behaviour then reminds me "oh yes, I am a person who gets things done". This boosts my mood a bit and leads to a shot of actual motivation. ⁠

Sometimes I take my "just five minutes" behavioural vitamin. I don't "feel" like doing X? "Okay, I'll commit to just 5 minutes". After 5 minutes I can stop and do something else or keep going longer. Before I know it, I'm back sticking to my plan. The behaviour reminds me that I'm a person who can stick to a schedule. Often that's all I needed.⁠

Keep your behavioural vitamins handy. They can be taken daily. :)


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