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3 Reason’s Why Summer is Actually the Best Time to Job Search

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Oh the lazy, hazy, heat of summer. The patios, the campfires, the flip flops, and the long overdue long weekend and vacation plans. Does all this mean you should be singing the summertime blues when it comes to your professional life?

No way!

Workplaces might be quieter with people taking time off to enjoy the weather, Friday afternoons might lend themselves to letting the voicemail pick up while folks escape their cubicles to try to beat the summer cottage traffic.

Is this a reason to assume that summer is a terrible time to be looking for work? Do companies stop hiring during the summer months? Many of my clients tell me that this is so but I don’t believe it for a second.

I say there is no reason to wait until the fall to look for that new job. This is why…

1. Hiring Managers Are More Likely to be Less Busy

Of course, hiring managers are people too and do take vacations but when they are in the office, it’s likely things will be a little quieter. This means they’ll have more time to assess their hiring needs, and take a look at applications. They aren’t bogged down by end of year planning or tax-related stuff. It’s in the less hectic times that attention can be directed towards filling open positions.

2. There’s Not as Much Competition

If you’re thinking summer time is a bad time to look for work, so are others. Use this to your advantage. Now is a better time than ever to get seen rather than potentially buried under a stack of all of your competitors resumes. Beat the competition. Plan your next career move while others are planning their vacations. You can go to Bora Bora in December when it’s actually statistically speaking the slowest hiring month.

3. Summer Provides Awesome Networking Opportunities

Logistically speaking, it’s just easier and more pleasant to meet for coffee in the summer. The days are longer and people are just generally more social. People tend to hibernate more in the winter months. You’ll feel better asking past co-workers and new contacts to meet up when they don’t need to travel in a blizzard to get to you. You know how important it is to expand your connections and it’ll just be a lot more fun on a patio.

So, forget the myth that summer is not a good time to find a new job—stick to it and keep your job search and career as hot as the weather!

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