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The Second Thing You Should Do This Week If You Hate Your Job.

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So, your job sort of sucks. Maybe it really sucks. Maybe what you would most like to do is throw an early retirement party for yourself, find a way to get fired, or quit…but you can’t. People depend on you, you need to eat and clothe yourself and possibly even others.

So, if you can’t just quit (at least not yet) what should you do?

Recently I outlined “The One Thing You Should Do This Week If You Hate Your Job”. Next, I spelled out what to do if you couldn’t actually bring yourself to do that “one thing”. If you haven’t read that yet…it’s here.

So now, I’m getting to thing #2.

The second thing you should do this week if you hate your job.

Building on the first thing you did --this article is for people who did the first thing—which was to write down one thing you would commit to doing that week to try to change or feel better about your situation. I hope it gave you some food for thought.

Now I would like you to consider doing this:

Reflect on what it was you did. Did it change anything? If so, how? If not, what else could you try? Are you feeling a bit better about your situation? The same? Worse?


You committed to putting pen to paper to describe what your ideal job might actually look like. This brought you to a kind of startling realization. You realized that you hadn’t really ever given much thought to what you might actually like to do—after all, spending so much time consumed with how unhappy you are with your unfulfilling and crappy current job, there just hasn’t been time!

So, given you really couldn’t be sure what your ideal job would look like, you decided to write a bunch of different scenarios. Like this:

My Ideal Job

I am teaching kids English as a Second Language in a foreign country.

Maybe you are thinking…whoa. Where did that come from?

I am managing my current department instead of working on the frontlines.

Hmmm. YES, actually I think I might like that better than what I am doing currently.

I own and operate my own bakery.

Maybe in my next life. :)

I am managing my current department instead of working on the frontlines.

Hmph. That came up again. Maybe I will research this a little more and see where that takes me.

So, do a little dreaming. Then, if the mood strikes, do a little scheming. I’ll talk more about that next time!

Ready to make a move and want some support to make it easier and more successful? I can help!

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