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What's Keeping you Stuck? Find Out What's Stopping You From Leaving a Job That Doesn't

Why stay in a job you don't like? Regardless of the reason, if you're doing it, you aren't alone. Some figures report that around 80% or more of people are unhappy with their work.

So why don't people just find another line of work, company or boss they would like better?

There are many reasons why people don't leave when they want to and most of it boils down to one thing. FEAR.

It's scary to undergo career change. It's hard to leave what we know for what we don't. Fear keeps us from doing lots of things that could make our life better.

Is fear a good reason NOT to do something? Well, it depends. Yes, sometimes fear keeps us from doing something truly reckless and stupid. Other times it keeps us from doing things we should--like grow.

When we start feeling "stuck", sometimes it's a signal that it's time to grow.

Is something holding you back from making a change?

A Career Coach can help you get to the bottom of it. Learn more.

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