1-on-1 Coaching for More Confidence, Less Career Confusion.

You need 3 things to build career confidence + make meaningful, satisfying changes to your career.  You need to:


  • Make + follow through on decisions (even when you're scared)

  • Take small, consistent steps (even when it's uncomfortable)

  • Be your own biggest supporter (even when things don't go as planned)

Getting great at these 3 things is indeed the secret to a successful career change. Career confidence leads to more than just a highly satisfying career though.  How does less confusion + self-doubt + more belief in yourself sound?  Imagine not constantly second guessing yourself, not agonizing over decisions, and acting on what you actually want instead of holding back? Get great at these 3 things and you replace anxiety with a calm knowing. You replace beating yourself up or feeling defensive with curious compassion.   

I teach you how to get great at these 3 things. I'll teach them to you in 12 sessions over 16 weeks.


Tell me what it is you want but think you can’t have. Tell me the decision that's keeping you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. Let's replace that career confusion with career confidence as you learn how to make decisions simply and move towards what you want. Imagine that.


Together we'll walk through a simple career counselling process that builds career confidence through activities that are almost as easy to do as not to do.

Let's get you feeling clear about what you want, the courage to say it out loud, and the commitment to make it happen (with lots of tools + support).


Are you ready for your confident career?

Let's talk. 

You can schedule a time with me below.  This is a chance for you to get my take on which of the three steps you might be missing out on and what it could mean for you if we work together. 

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