I work with established professionals, leaders, + entrepreneurs who know something's not quite right at work...

Is this you?

  • You feel pulled towards achieving something new from your work

  • You'd like to have more impact, and be doing something more meaningful

  • You've been second-guessing whether you should pull the trigger on making a change for awhile

  • It's getting more difficult to ignore the signs that there are changes you need to make to have the career and life you want

  • Deep down you know you're capable of making a change but something's holding you back


Meaningful and successful career change--whether the change is big or small requires a completely different strategy and thought process than just looking for a new job.

This shift doesn't just involve a change in environment, it requires a change in identity.  It takes confidence in who you are, belief that you can do it, and the ability to keep your word to yourself so you can maintain (and enjoy) a bit of hustle. 

I give my clients the foundational work to show up in a new way.  They speak up for themselves, get what they need and want, believe in what they have to offer, turn traditional career change and job search strategy on its head to market themselves, get in front of people, and get what they want from their career and life.

This isn’t entry level information and work though. It’s career mastery. I set my clients up for a fast track to becoming more in control of their career and their future than they ever believed possible. 

What if you could go to a store right now and purchase whatever it is you want for your career, immediately?  Like a meaningful, satisfying work life in a box.  Inside the box would be things like:


  • The confidence to speak up, ask for what you want (money, responsibility, flexibility, training, different projects)

  • Less self doubt + fear about taking up space at work and in the world

  • Resiliency to bounce back more quickly from setbacks

  • Better work relationships

  • Reduced stress + worry, less second guessing yourself

  • Increased sense of purpose, knowing that what you're doing has meaning

  • The ability to leave work at work and set solid boundaries

  • Less concern about what others think, freedom from unrealistic (perfectionist) expectations, no more people pleasing

  • Such strong, unshakable belief in your value that you easily command respect

  • Clarity around what you want, need, and deserve from your work

  • Clear work + life goals along with the tools to be able to achieve them


What if you could buy these things straight off the shelf...today?


Would you?  Of course you would!  You'd run to the "meaningful work store" right away and grab your box.

Well, if there was such a store, I would hold the keys.  I'd be the person greeting you as you entered.  The great news is you don't need this store to exist because I can help you get whatever it is you need most from your meaningful, satisfying, work in a box. 


You can do this.  I help people just like you achieve this every day.

Here's what just a couple of them have said:

"I gained a sense of clarity right away. Committing myself to doing this really lit a fire under me. I immediately felt like I could make the change I've been putting off for years.  Literally. YEARS! What a relief to know I don't have to stay stuck."~Alana B., Realtor turned Digital Marketer.

"I wasn't getting anywhere on my own.  I received superb coaching and career counselling with a sprinkling of magic thrown in for good measure."~Michael C., Operations Manager, turned Director of Client Relations.

It starts with a phone call.  Schedule yours.


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