You know your path to something more doesn't involve scrolling  You're also not about to start firing off resumes to places that would probably hire you just to leave your current unfulfilling work situation behind.

Good, because those aren't good strategies.

You're looking for a way to make a change but the more you try to figure it out the more confused + uncertain you feel.

You're not sure how to go about this or what to even look for.

It's just not working. 

Read on if:

  • You’re stuck someplace between being "practical" and "following your passion"

  • The nagging sensation of anxiety and self-doubt has turned into your hobby

  • You keep second-guessing if it's even possible to make a change

  • You’re becoming more and more confused, feeling more and more down

  • You dread one day having to just give up hope of finding work that fits your life

You’ve had it up to your ears with the constant advice and ‘proven systems’ and strategies that just haven't worked for you.

But you’re a smart person. You’ve got lots to offer. The problem isn’t that. The problem isn't even you.  Deep down you know that, but it's getting harder to access that confidence.

The thing is, no one’s been telling you the truth.

I think most career + job sites have been feeding you a line.

The problem with these sites asking you to APPLY NOW! or promising a "no fail strategy" for job search or career change?

You need more than Strategy to create results.

Here’s the thing that most people miss...

You have to line up the background noise in your head with the amazing value of what you've got to offer.

When you do, you get out of your own way, lose all the mind drama and teach your brain to work for good instead of evil.


Even though you've been very "successful", there's still a deep, nagging voice in your head that whispers:

  • “You’re not good enough”

  • "You're not who you say you are"

  • “No one wants what you have”

  • “You don’t deserve to be successful”

  • “You’re too _____ (old, young, afraid, tied down, responsible, overqualified, under-qualified, worried what other's will think, etc. etc. etc.)"

You might not even know your mean voice is saying these things.  You just think you're stuck or confused or scared.  


Until you start paying attention to that voice, hear what its saying and whip it into shape, you'll keep struggling to get anywhere with any speed.

Sending out resumes, attending job interviews, networking--or attempting any job or career change strategies before getting your mind truly on board is like… trying to run in mud up to your ankles.


Lots of energy for little progress.

And you end up feeling burnt out, exhausted and panicked (and probably with a pulled calf muscle and very dirty shoes.)

​​Stop wasting your time and energy fighting yourself.

Once your brain is working FOR you rather than against you…

  • You’ll notice you're able to wrangle that confusion + self doubt

  • Your efforts will snowball and you'll start feeling confident in your ability to make decisions, take action, achieve goals, and bounce back from set backs more quickly

I"ll show you how to truly believe in the value of what you have to offer and use your work as a tool to get what you want from life. 

It's definitely possible.  I see this with my clients every day.

It takes more than just disciplined action to conquer this.  If that's all it took, you'd have done it by now because you're a person who gets stuff done.

Forget that.

It's time to take off the mask, figure out what you believe, and who you are and start operating from that place.  That's the way to find your people, not by jumping through hoops and telling everybody else what they want to hear.  What about what you want? Doesn't that matter?


This is what I help you with. You don't need me to tell you what careers are "hot" right now or pull out some magical list of recruiters or networking groups.


What you need from me is to guide you to discovering why you are holding yourself back from doing what you are actually meant to be doing.

The strategies and tactics aren't the puzzle pieces that are missing.  It's time to stop only focusing on the external things.  If that's what you're after, you can google that.  


What google can't help you with is your continuous tumbles down the rabbit hole of throwing up problems--what you can't do because of your age, your mortgage or kids university funds or because you need a job with a pension.  Google won't help you to stop hiding behind your own BS.  


That's what you need me for because I will not let you pay me to jump into the pool with you and agree that yes, your life will be better if every decision you make in career and life is based on only that stuff.  You'll want to fight me by saying you are being "realistic" or "practical" or it's just "the way it is".  That's not how we're going to roll because you don't need that from me. 

You need me to teach you how to believe you can have a great career + life with or without the MBA, with or without the fancy title, + whether you are 38, 48, 58 or any other age.

You need me to teach you how to take a few minutes every day to train yourself how to lose the mind drama.

To stop using confusion + uncertainty as a reason to give up on yourself.


This is what I teach and it's as easy as simple math.

Line up what you want with what you think and how you feel.

Once you do that, you'll see how you've been getting in your own way and find immediate relief.

Then you’ll be taking consistent, meaningful action that gets you results.

Then you’ll know what decisions to make and what actions to take.

You can use this in any area of your life.

I'll teach you how.

Let me show you just how much you can shift your perspective in just one hour.  For free.

Click the button + fill out the form...





This will require you to get past your own mind drama right now.  This sounds risky, thinking about talking to me makes you feel a little uncertain.

This is your chance to practice taking a risk and facing some uncertainty.

Get used to it.

It's a skill you'll need to keep practicing often if you want to make a change.

Talk to me and the best case scenario is I can help you make an important decision or solve a problem.

Worst case scenario, you'll become clear that I'm not for you, but someone else might be.  Then you can shout "NEXT!" and call the next career coach that comes up on a google search. 

That's pretty darn useful too.  So, there's nothing to lose.  Take a little risk.

Here's what clients have said:

"I gained a sense of clarity right away. Committing myself to doing this really lit a fire under me. I immediately felt like I could make the change I've been putting off for years.  Literally. YEARS! What a relief to know I don't have to stay stuck."~Alana B., Realtor turned Digital Marketer.

"I wasn't getting anywhere on my own.  I received superb coaching and career counselling with a sprinkling of magic thrown in for good measure."~Michael C., Operations Manager, turned Director of Client Relations.

Here's What to Do:

1. Go to to let me know you'd be interested in a free hour of coaching from me (or simply click the button below). Please tell me a bit about your situation and the kind of help you're looking for. 

2.  I'll review your information and be in touch within 2 business days by email (usually sooner) for scheduling.


3.  Do it.

By the way…. I used to be just like you:

“This sounds good, but… I can just keep googling things + trying different strategies. I can figure out this stuff on my own.”

With all due respect, that's not likely. Not with any kind of satisfying progress, anyway.

Because if you could, you would have by now.

“I should be able to figure this out on my own” is what I used to tell myself when I wasn’t doing much, going in circles, and staying stuck. 

“I don't need help” is just secret code for:

  • I’m afraid I don't have what it takes to make the investment pay off

  • Maybe I don't "deserve it" / I’m not “cut out” for career happiness

  • I'm scared there is something wrong with me that can’t be helped

  • Change is difficult and I’m not sure I’m up for it.

All of these are thought errors in the brain.

Don't believe them.

You must learn to identify when your own brain is lying to you and trying to trip you up.  This is key to you reaching your goals and making change happen.

I believed my own nonsense for many years.

It was a big waste of my time. Don’t do what I used to do.

Smart people ask for help when they need it.

We’re not supposed to be able to figure out how to make huge changes on our own.

Self-compassion, grace and knowing our own worth doesn't come naturally to the human brain.

Let yourself be taught.

You need to learn how to become resilient.

Let me support you.

So you can make the change you need.

The world needs this as much as you do.

Don't believe me?

Give yourself the challenge of signing up for an hour of free coaching.

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Get yours for free.  Fill it out.  Start figuring out your career.



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