I help high achieving professionals remember what it's all for.​

You’re here right now because you’re an accomplished professional wanting to make a career pivot while remaining connected to a bigger purpose. You’ve already had success but you’re looking to adapt to global changes while leveraging your natural talents, skills and motivation to achieve outcomes you care about deeply.


Perhaps you’re looking to return to your happiest, most confident self – the one that used to remember what the point of all of this was. Or maybe you’re looking for someone you can talk to about the challenges and questions you face, who can help you re-frame + rework unhelpful narratives with helpful tools, and unwavering support.

Or maybe you have big exciting goals and dreams, but need help focusing and prioritizing so you follow through and reach your goals faster.


So many high achieving folks tell me:


  • They feel disconnected + lost from a bigger purpose

  • They're feeling fearful and uncertain about global changes and their impact on the world of work

  • They want to show up at work + in life as the confident, capable professional they know they are but something's holding them back

  • They aren't feeling fueled by their work anymore + it feels like a grind

  • They  feel like they've given up something important + can't stop thinking about it

  • They struggle with indecision, guilt, and fear of doing the wrong thing

  • They've recently made a change or been promoted and are struggling to step into their new responsibilities with authority and confidence

  • They want to earn more money, take on new projects, or get promoted

  • They want to do work that challenges them and they feel proud of

  • They want to feel nourished, heard, and supported rather than constantly depleted

What we do together...

Simply put, we follow a highly effective framework + use specific tools + career assessments that help you clearly identify what's been holding you back.  You'll trade indecision, self-doubt, + overwhelm for confident career decision-making, turn your inner critic into your biggest supporter, + remember what's truly important + meaningful to you.  Then you'll know what to shift + prioritize so you get what you want for your career + life.


We'll work together + decide where you want to put your focus but here are areas I commonly help people with:

Career Development Mastery

  • How to find meaning in your career + work so you don't have to hate it, feel held back by it, or be left wanting more

  • How to plan your career short and long term - for things like professional development, skill acquisition, salary negotiation, promotions

  • How to develop + maintain healthy working relationships

  • How to set career goals and achieve them

  • Develop an understanding of your work related drivers/motivators, values, working style and preferences

  • Clarity on how your unique interests + personality impact your work satisfaction + relationships


Career Marketing Mastery

  • Learn exactly what sets you apart from others in your field + easily communicate this to others

  • Know how to build and maintain a professional network outside of your workplace

  • Become crystal clear on your strengths + weaknesses

  • Be able to communicate your career achievements clearly + with confidence

Career Mindset Mastery

  • Start showing up as a confident leader at work

  • Conquer imposter syndrome, self doubt, and self sabotage – and learn how to create inspiration on demand

  • Learn how to believe new things and follow through with your plans – even when you’re afraid

  • Know what to do when things blow up at work – because it takes more than positive thinking to bounce back when things go south

Life Mastery


  • Gain total clarity on how your work serves your life

  • Master your time to be present for both work and friends/family, get organized

  • Create your roadmap to incorporate freedom into your life--in whatever form you desire--leisure, time, travel, financial

  • Identity shift into the powerful, high achieving professional you really are


You can do this.  I help people just like you achieve this every day.

I'm Christine, a career, executive and life coach for high achieving professionals.  I'm a 20 year veteran of the career counselling profession.  I teach you how to use your brain as your biggest asset in your career, so you get out of your own way and achieve goals when you say you will.  All while also having time for a life you love outside of work.  Together we craft your unique plan to build and grow a career as big as your dreams.

Here's what a few past clients have said:

"I highly recommend Start with Small Coaching for anyone who is ready to go after what they really want in their career and in their life.  Christine created a tailor-made program that had me reaching deep inside to discover who I am and what I want.  Next, she guided me through the concrete action steps required to achieve my dreams.  Christine’s gentle and approachable style created a safe atmosphere that allowed me to explore and grow, and her firm guidance supported me whenever I was scared.  Most importantly, Christine was flexible and caring as I worked through several personal challenges that arose during our six-month journey together.  The work I did with Christine continues to resonate months after our sessions have ended, and I am confident that the lessons I learned will continue to help me through whatever career and life challenges may lie ahead."~Karoline Fox

"I gained a sense of clarity right away. Committing myself to doing this really lit a fire under me. I immediately felt like I could make the change I've been putting off for years.  Literally. YEARS! What a relief to know I don't have to stay stuck."~Alana B.

"I wasn't getting anywhere on my own.  I received superb coaching and career counselling with a sprinkling of magic thrown in for good measure."~Michael C., Director of Client Relations.

Coaching with me is by application only. Your next step is to fill out the application at the link below.

Once you submit your application, I'll review it and contact you. If I believe we're a good fit and that you are ready for this work, we will set up a time to talk and get to know each other better. On that call, we will make the decision to move forward or not.

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