Looking for your anything but ordinary career + life?

About You

My particular area of expertise is supporting leaders, creatives, + entrepreneurs who have made (or are ready to make) the brave decision to define their own life - both as professionals, and as humans in the world.  They want a career + life that is anything but ordinary.  Is this you?



  • Require a career pivot (by your own choosing or not)

  • Need help to come up with a solid + effective career + job search plan to find your anything but ordinary career

  • Feel held back by the belief you can't have what you want

  • Have a ton of ideas spinning and want to find which direction to go next

  • Desire more clarity and confidence and are driven to shift negative thought habits

  • Want to get your life more organized professionally and personally so you can focus

  • Require support and to be held accountable so you won't put things off out of fear, overwhelm, guilt, lack of time or for some other reason

  • Need help to move forward even if others you care about don't see your vision (yet)

  • Wish to understand yourself better and acquire tools to help you feel better

  • Want weekly, confidential, judgement-free, no-nonsense coaching and support as a form of self-care


  • Open-minded and “game” to trust a process that can feel uncomfortable at times

  • Committed to lifelong learning and personal development

  • Curious + creative

  • Committed to making positive change for yourself

  • Not put off by the thought of investing time and money into learning and applying  concrete, science-based tools to your life to increase self-trust, resilience, and growth

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About Me

I began my career as an "employment counsellor" helping many hundreds of people find work, change careers, retrain, or start a business. I kept my own job by helping others find theirs.  As quickly as possible.

That was almost 20 years ago.  I had what most would call an ordinary career + life.


Since then I've worked with everyone, from every background with their career transition--even during the great recession (remember 2007 to 2009?).  Somehow we all survived to tell the tale and I've continued my work with highly accomplished leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and probably any profession you can name. So when I tell you that I can help anyone overcome any career challenge, transition or pivot, I mean it. 

For years I achieved all kinds of recognition for my work coaching and counselling clients on their journey to finding meaningful work.  But working in "corporate Canada" always felt a little ordinary and not in a way that worked for me.


I developed my coaching approach from many years spent learning, practicing, and then teaching "brain-based coaching".  The power of this approach is that it offers a very effective framework for creating new ways to resolve issues, produce better results, and achieve goals more easily.  I was promoted and praised based on my results with clients and I continued managing, training and supervising other career development professionals, as well as developing programs for companies large and small.  

I was getting good results with clients, my bosses were pleased.  Let's face it, I had a great corporate job. I had a pension. I had benefits. I had an excellent, reliable paycheck. All excellent things by most standards. But it just felt ordinary to me. It was fine but I wanted something different.  Unfortunately, I was good at making things work so I tried for a long time.  Finally, I had a pretty severe episode of burnout which forced me to get still for a while and fortunately, that ended up having a good outcome for me. 

By applying what I had been teaching others about how to find work that fits, I was able to find mine.  This is what prompted me to shift to my own private practice in 2012.  I had all the same reservations that you have...the fear, doubt, uncertainty and people telling me they didn't understand.  After all, I was leaving well-paying, corporate work with all of its trimmings for something that many consider less certain, more risky. My self-doubt lead to a false start and a few pivots before I settled in but it did turn out better than I imagined.  It also forced me to practice what I teach.  I don't feel like anything about my work is ordinary these days and I love that.  

My philosophy is that your work should be a tool to help you live the life you want.  It will look differently for each of us.  What feels ordinary for me might be very different from what feels ordinary for you.  You have to define it for yourself.


I'm Christine 


As a professional career counsellor + coach I’ve worked with many, many, clients over the past two decades.  As noted, I've also supervised and trained other coaches and consultants.  Before private practice, I oversaw career + vocational rehabilitation programs for insurance companies, provided career + executive coaching for outplacement providers, and completed vocational evaluation and testing for non-profit organizations.  I also worked as a specialist and SME within the employment + career counselling fields, performed recruitment and HR functions, and oversaw life skills coaching + job search training programs for a variety of small private companies.  I've worked with clients and employers throughout Canada, in the UK and the U.S., with large global corporations, school boards, community colleges and within government. I attend professional development training at least every quarter to keep my qualifications and knowledge current and cutting edge. 


In addition to maintaining numerous professional designations (CVRP, RRP, to name a couple), I'm an ICF certified coach in addition to having undergone extensive training in behavioural + mindset change.  My undergraduate training was in Psychology with subsequent completion of post grad training in Career + Work Counselling, + Cognitive Behavioural Coaching.


My Mission

I'm committed to proving to high achieving leaders, creatives, + entrepreneurs who feel stuck or dissatisfied at work or in life that finding happiness and fit is achievable, even if you’re already in an established career, are in your 30s, 40s, 50s or beyond, or are in the midst of a major life upheaval. Let me show you that some of your very best days are yet to come.

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