I help accomplished professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs enjoy their work life!

I started my own career in the career development profession as an "employment counsellor" managing massive caseloads of unemployed people, of all ages and backgrounds-- most of whom faced multiple and significant barriers to finding work.  I kept my own job by helping them find theirs.  As quickly as possible.

That was almost 20 years ago.


Since then I've worked with everyone, from every background.  Highly accomplished leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and probably any profession you can name.  I've seen us all, at our best and at our worst.    


So when I tell you that I can help anyone overcome any career challenge, I mean it.


For years I achieved all kinds of recognition for my work coaching and counselling clients on their journey to finding meaningful work.  I was promoted and I was praised and I began training and supervising other career coaches.  

I constantly hear people who aren't happy doing what they're doing for work say things like it's too late to make a change or that they don't have a choice but to stay stuck in their current situation that's not working for them.


Listen, if a single parent with a GED can get herself through law school in her mid 40s, a burnt out breadwinner can overhaul his life to find work that actually fuels him, and a disgraced public servant can downsize and find joy in her work life again, you can get yourself that promotion, pursue something that confirms you have a purpose, or simply find more joy in what you're already doing. 


This is why I shifted to my own private practice in 2012 -- to be able to help others get more from their work while getting more from my own.  I've never looked back.






About You

It's time for change!



  • Crave more meaning in your work

  • Need help to come up with a solid + effective career or job search plan

  • Have a ton of ideas spinning and want to find which direction to go next

  • Desire more clarity and confidence

  • Want to make significant changes in your work

  • Require support and to be held accountable so you won't put things off out of fear, overwhelm or for some other reason

  • Feel a strong desire to do the work to make a change

  • Want to feel better



  • Open-minded and “game” to trust a process that can feel uncomfortable at times

  • Committed to lifelong learning and personal development

  • Hopeful and curious

  • Committed to making positive change for yourself

About Me

My philosophy is that your work should be a tool to help you get what you want in your life.


I'm a 20 year veteran of the Career Counselling + Coaching profession.  I’ve worked with many, many, clients over the past two decades.  I've also supervised and trained other coaches and consultants.  Before private practice, I provided career + vocational rehabilitation services for insurance companies, career coaching for outplacement providers, vocational evaluation and testing for non-profit organizations and employment counselling, life skills coaching + job search training for a variety of small private companies.  I've worked with clients and employers throughout Canada, in the UK and the U.S., with large global corporations, school boards, community colleges and within government. I attend professional development training at least every quarter to keep my qualifications and knowledge current and cutting edge.


No matter your circumstances, challenges, or personal experience, my end goal is always the same: to help you find meaning in your work and in your life.

My Mission

I'm committed to proving to those who feel stuck or dissatisfied at work or in life that finding happiness and fit is achievable, even if you’re already in an established career, are in your 40s, 50s or beyond, or are in the midst of a major life upheaval. Let me show you that some of your very best days are yet to come.

Lots of people love what they do.  You can too!


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