For Employers

Outplacement Assistance

Your employees shape your business. When faced with difficult layoffs you want to provide them with the career support they need to thrive on their new path.


Whether they wish to land a similar job, change careers, freelance, consult, start their own thing, or plan for a meaningful retirement, I have the expertise to guide them.  I offer expert one-on-one attention– including tailored feedback, effective support, and cutting edge career guidance. My clients land new roles faster and with so much less stress than going it alone.

To inquire about career support for your transitioning employee, please contact me by completing an Employer Background Summary here.

Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management

I have worked with a variety of insurers to provide Vocational Rehabilitation Services since 2001 including:

  • Assisting in client identification of achievable and realistic goals and the development of an action plan to achieve goals.

  • Assessment of a client’s readiness for RTW and employment, as well as identification of suitable retraining options, graduated return to work plans, and accommodations.

  • Provision of advocacy on behalf of the client to identify and arrange for required accommodation within academic and vocational settings.

  • Clear and thorough client progress reporting.

To inquire about Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management, please contact me by completing an Employer Background Summary here.