I help women create career confidence 




Joyful + Gentle Career Change


Confident women have the power to change the world…one brave step at a time. 


I see the work I do as creating a ripple effect that goes beyond just the women I work with. If you're looking to make a ripple, you've come to the right place! 

I believe career change can be impactful, gentle, and joyful. You want to do good work that you enjoy in a way that doesn't burn you out or that doesn't require long-term sacrifice of money, security, family, or yourself. I've helped thousands of women with this over the past two decades and I can help you.


Sure, you'll need some courage but let's make it feel gentle and supportive.


Sure, you'll need some commitment but let's make it feel joyful and worthwhile.


Then it will just be done (phew). 


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